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Beacon light and its uses | Biri Group

2022-07-05 06:58:05

What is a beacon light?

Rotating beacon light creates an optimal 360° signal effect. Biri Group offers a complete range of beacon lights. Wide range of colors and all the popular fitting options.

We offer beacons for all applications, including a comprehensive range of on and off models, medium and heavy-duty, agriculture, and emergency vehicles, like Ambulance, fire tenders, and industrial.

Unlike flashing lights, flashing lights do not necessarily rely on mirror technology inside the lens. Rotating beacons can be fitted with LED sticks in the lens instead of a mirror. Rotating LED lighting creates a rotating light.

For this reason, rotating mirror lights consist of a mirror inside the dome. Beacons, on the other hand, can be based on the same technology as mirror beacons or  LED technology. Auer Signal beacons have a smooth lens to achieve the best possible signaling effect. Rotation method of LED light

The rotation mode of the LED lamp is different from the previous headlight. Because the rotation mode has been changed. There are at least eight light balls in the LED headlight light, and the rotation method is mainly to flash each light ball, forming the rotation connection.

What does a flashing red beacon light mean?

The flashing red light has the meaning of a warning, which means you must stop or give in. The red beacon and the flashing diagram indicate that the dangerous situation is very urgent.

The beacons are available in several colors, the most common being yellow LED beacons, blue beacons, and red beacons. The visual impact of red is the strongest of the three colors, so red beacons often signify significant warnings or hazards. At the same time, the red beacon is also combined with flashing and rotating. In this case, it indicates that there is a very urgent situation, even with extreme danger. It also reminds pedestrians or drivers to avoid emergencies, so the flashing red light indicates the meaning of the warning.

What does a flashing orange beacon light mean?

The amber flashing beacon is mainly used for emergency vehicles, due to its properties of amber. The wavelength of amber light is second to red and the distance shown is relatively far. Among the industrial safety colors, amber is also a danger warning color, which explains the danger warning or reminds attention.



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