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Radar speed sign to keep highways safe

2022-05-06 01:53:22

Contrary to popular belief, a radar speed sign has nothing to do with a repressive radar that verbalizes speeding. On the contrary, it permits drivers to be reminded of their excessive speed.

Drivers will be notified in real-time if they exceed the maximum allowable speed. These radars are typically located in sensitive regions or areas frequented by vulnerable road users, such as at an urban area's entry, near a school, or even at a dangerous crossroads.

Why would you put up a radar speed sign?

The function of a radar speed sign, as you may have guessed, is to make road users aware of their current speed. The radar speed sign is far more effective than a static traffic sign in reducing speeding by making everyone aware of it while approaching critical zones.

They make it easier to regulate road safety near risky places since they are simple to use and require no maintenance. Each motorist may then adjust his speed thanks to a radar that detects cars beyond 200 meters.

Is it true that radar speed indicators serve as a speed trap?

A radar speed sign, unlike a speed camera, does not punish a driver who violates the speed limit. Its major goal is to alert drivers to the fact that they are no longer abiding by traffic regulations. Motorists are urged to slow down by having their real speed displayed in red if the speed limit is exceeded.

The radar will show your speed in green if you are driving within the speed limit. Some radar speed signs may additionally show the number of driving license points lost or the amount of the speeding fine below the speed. This is just a deterrent to persuade the motorist to modify his or her habits.

What distinguishes the Berry construction materials’ radar speed sign from others?

When a motorist approaches a Berry building materials radar speed sign, it will alternatively show up to three messages of your choosing. For example, the first message may display the speed in numerals that are 39cm tall. This makes it possible to see the message from a long distance. You may also personalize the displayed words, such as "Have a pleasant journey" or "Slow down!"

Finally, there is a large library of pictograms to pick from. The phrase may be presented in three different colors: red, orange, and green. This helps to strengthen the message's impact on motorists.

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