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Read Road Signs in the United Arab Emirates

2022-04-29 06:51:29

Traffic signs are placed for a variety of reasons. They are present to inform drivers of the speed limit or to remind them to fasten their seat belts. They may also have information about the road or the turn ahead.

It's beneficial to know how to read road signs if you're new to the country. Let's look at what important UAE traffic signs mean, from basic road signs to parking signs.


Mandatory traffic signs, as the name suggests, advise drivers of the specific activities they must perform on specific UAE roadways while staying inside certain speed restrictions.

Some examples of necessary traffic signs include: turn right only, ahead only, pass either side, 60km/h minimum speed limit, go in the direction of the arrows around the roundabout, keep right and stay left.


Control signs are simple to read and indicate the direction of travel, right of way (the legal right of pedestrians and other vehicles on the road), and prohibition from entering specific roads.

In the United Arab Emirates, signs such as you must give way to pedestrians, you must give way, you must not enter this road, you must stop, and you must travel this way (ahead, left, or right) are used.


Parking control signs show where drivers are allowed and not allowed to park their vehicles. They also provide time restrictions, in other words, how long your vehicle can be parked in a zone is specified on these signs.

There are also some areas where you cannot park; even if the driver is sitting in the car, they are not permitted to stop or park in such areas. Parking restriction signs also designate parking places for certain vehicles, such as taxis, buses, and commercial vehicles; light vehicles are not permitted to park in these zones.


For those who are determined, the UAE provides driving facilities. The handicapped parking sign is a blue P with a person in a wheelchair. "Parking space only for handicapped drivers" is written on the sign."

When parking in the area, people with special needs must obtain and display a permit. Unless they obtain a permit, they will not be allowed to park in the allocated area.

Other important UAE traffic signs include no turning for lorries, road clear, no through road, priority over vehicles coming from the opposite direction, parking, hospital, countdown markers, supplementary information signs.

 Parking for Diplomat cars only signs, traffic route diversion, reflective marker posts indicating the carriageway edge, lane ahead open sign, lane ahead close sign, and reduce speed now sign.

We went over all of the important UAE traffic signs in great detail. Consider this guide a refresher if you weren't aware of some or had forgotten about them! Also, feel free to return frequently to refresh your memory of traffic signs.

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