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Variable message signs and its advantages

2022-07-04 09:28:06

VMS is a type of small mobile bulletin board mounted on the top of road construction vehicles.On behalf of residents, education and school corridors, the Driver Feedback Panel aims to raise drivers' awareness of speed and road safety.Vehicle mounted variable message signs (VMS) must sometimes be used to accommodate decelerations on major road infrastructure.

Vehicle Mounted /Variable Message Signs (VMS)

If required as a condition of approval:
The VMS must be towed or attached to a vehicle
The VMS should display all messages in yellow
The VMS must be able to operate at speeds up to 100 km/h

The layout of a VMS must comply with all relevant requirements of the Victorian Road Traffic Regulations 2009, Australian Standard (AS) 1743-2001 Road Signs - Specifications and AS 1742 Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices.
Character heights and frame widths for text labels should follow the guidelines in the table below
Signs should conform to the appropriate font as defined in AS 1744-1975 Standard Alphabets For Road Signs.

Frequently asked questions about when a VMS is required and how the VMS should be used

What criteria does the NHVR Statewide Permit Group use to trigger the additional permit requirement that a VMS is needed to track a load? For any oversized (usually overweight) load required to reduce the vehicle speed from 5 to 10km / h to cross a facility on a high speed road (100km / h or more), an NHVR escort and a VMS signal is required to warn the traffic of the vehicle moving slowly ahead.

To which roads, motorways, highways does this condition apply (which requires the use of the VMS)?
Any road where the speed limit is 100 km / h or more.

What operational criteria must transport companies / pilots follow when using a VMS?
Carriers / pilots are required to follow the instructions of the NHVR Safety and Compliance Officers (SCO) accompanying cargo or overseeing the crossing of the bridge. Depending on the road section and the traffic situation, there may be different notices, e.g. Placement of the VMS relative to the load.

What is the default text displayed on the VMS?

The default text to display on the VMS is usually "Warning, slow loading ahead".

However, the wording may vary depending on the section of road, the load or the traffic conditions. In general, it is expected that the label can be easily programmed on the VMS.

Who is authorized to tow or transport a VMS? Is a driver's license sufficient or does the driver have to be a certified pilot or an accredited air traffic controller?

Only a driving license is required for towing or transporting a VMS. The driver of the vehicle towing or transporting the VMS does not have to be one of the drivers required in the conditions of authorization to move the load. There must be two certified pilot vehicles plus one additional vehicle towing / carrying the signal.


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