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Wall Protectors | Biri Group

2023-01-23 01:18:11

What exactly are wall protectors?

Wall protectors are products made to prevent damage to long walls, such as those found in driveways and hallways. These items serve as bumpers for beds, trolleys, and other moving objects that can seriously damage walls in hospitals and other medical facilities. They are typically installed at specific heights along the walls of those buildings. In order to protect the entire building, wall guards frequently work in conjunction with corner guards and railings. Depending on the manufacturer, these parts are sometimes referred to as seat bars, crash bars, bumper protectors, or wall protectors.

Wall protectors product types and materials

Although there are many different kinds of wall protectors, certain standard designs can be seen in most commercial buildings.

1-Wall protection made of aluminum

The aluminum retaining wall protection kit is the most well-liked item for use in commercial settings. Similar to the aluminum corner protector, this product is made up of an aluminum bracket, an internal bumper, and an antibacterial plastic housing that is finished with a matching end cap. Sizes are available depending on the level of coverage required.

2 - Polycarbonate wall protection

These wall protectors, which are made from a single piece of high-strength extruded polycarbonate tape, are a less expensive option for low-impact areas. Typically made of thin, clear plastic, they mount directly to walls.


For unconventional designs or applications, a variety of custom wall protectors are offered. Consider rubber, rubber, aluminum, stainless steel, and steel. Many times, specific design restrictions or building codes determine the use of these specialty materials.

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