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Waterstop and its uses | Biri Group

2022-07-01 06:17:26

The Berry Group has unrivaled expertise in waterproofing all types of expansion  in the construction of concrete structures by waterstop. Our continuous research and development also ensures that the latest technologies available in waterproofing are specifically applicable to the latest methods and requirements of concrete structures.

Given the nature of this material, concrete and reinforced concrete structures must always be made in sections by making joints in masonry (day work and insulation) and / or telescopic joints (movement). Water plugs are attached to all of these joints needed to seal and waterproof concrete structures. The choice of the suitable waterproofing material, the general concept of waterproofing, its design and function, depend on the specific structure, exposure and construction process.

The function of these water seals is mainly to act as a watertight seal to the joint and to allow the two sections to move independently of each other (without tension).

Water stations are available in different materials and qualities. The expected load, i.e. the pressure and movement of the water, determines the right choice of material, quality and design. To achieve a watertight construction, a sealed solution must be provided for all expansion and masonry joints. Our engineers and technicians can help you find the right sealing system solution for your construction.

Biri Group ® Water Bar PVC-P

Made of PVC-P, Biri Group Waterbar® can be used as a flexible water supply station and is designed to surround movement (extension) and masonry joints with a new waterproof concrete structure.

They are available in a variety of types, shapes and sizes to suit different types of construction and joint sealing applications. To use:
Waterproofing of new concrete structures, including mobile (extended) solutions and masonry joints.

The typical structure is as follows:

Commercial building below
Underground parking
Water retention facility and water treatment plant

Features and Benefits:

High tensile strength and elongation:
Permanent flexibility
Suitable for medium-low hydrostatic pressures
Resistant to all natural environments in soil and groundwater
Resistant to a wide range of chemicals
Robust product designed for use and installation in the field
Suitable for in-store and on-site thermal welding

Biri Group ® Metal Sheet-FBV Joint Waterstop

Biri Group ® Metalsheet

FBV Combined WaterBarrier is a galvanized steel sheet with a special coating on one side for better adhesion to fresh concrete. This coating provides a durable, waterproof bond to concrete structures during construction.

To use:

Waterproofing of masonry joints in reinforced concrete structures

Features and Benefits:

General Assessment Certificate (ABP)
Tested at 5 bar of hydrostatic pressure
The FBV coating makes installation quick, easy and safe
Installation is not limited to weather conditions
Possibility of integrated connection with the entire waterstop system

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