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Delineator 100 CM Yellow

12241 UB R

Product technical specifications
Model Name. Delineator 100 CM Yellow
عمود مرن 100 سم اصفر 12241
Dimension 80 X1000
Material PU
Weight 1.6 K.G


Can be joined together and fixed on road with 10×90×18mm screws and anchors 

يمكن التثبيت بوصل القطع ببعضها البعض ثم شدها على الإسفلت بواسطة برغي و بيور قياس



Unbroken – with elastic reflective tape , unbroken when bending – Rebound spring,  flexible design –Sign  board, warning light or chain can be attached by adaptor

Certified by

TS EN 13422 + A1  – MADE IN TURKEY

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