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Refuge Delineator 90CM BLACK
12254 UB R
عمود مرن 90 سم اسود

Refuge Delineator 90CM BLACK
Product technical specifications
Model Name. Refuge Delineator 90CM BLACK
Dimension 220 X 900
Material TPU – Polyurethane
Weight 0


Can be joined together and fixed on road with 10×90×18mm screws and anchors

يمكن التثبيت بوصل القطع ببعضها البعض ثم شدها على الإسفلت بواسطة برغي و بيور قياس



Unbroken – Rebound spring – flexible design (Elastic), reflective sheeting .  Unbroken when bending

Certified by

TS EN 13422 + A1  – MADE IN TURKEY

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