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Safety Barricade 1500 X1000 Yellow
12510 FB Y
حاجز حماية 1500×1000 اصفر

Safety Barricade 1500 X1000 Yellow
Safety Barricade 1500 X1000 Yellow
Product technical specifications
Model Name. Safety Barricade 1500 X1000 Yellow
Dimension 1500x 1000 MM
Material PPC Body – PP Base
Weight 1


  • Traffic control and management
  • Road safety promotion
  • Construction sites
  • Event traffic management
  • Temporary roadblocks


  • Effective solution for traffic control.
  • Bright red and white color Reflector
  • 1.5 meters in length with warning signs and lights attachable socket
  • Stackable design for efficient storage and transport
  • Advertisement board attachable.

More Description

The yellow plastic safety barricade is a convenient and versatile solution for managing traffic and increasing road safety. Its red and white reflective tape makes it highly visible and serves as a warning for potential hazards or restricted areas. With a length of 1.5 meters, it can be easily attached to traffic signs or lights for increased information to road users. Furthermore, the barricade is stackable for efficient storage and transportation and can be connected to cover larger areas. This barricade is ideal for construction sites, directing traffic at events, or establishing temporary roadblocks, etc.

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