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Floor Marking PL 8018
PL 8018

Floor Marking PL 8018
Product technical specifications
Model Name. Floor Marking PL 8018
Dimension 580 x 580 x 8
Material TPU
Weight 0


Wide range of use: on walking ways, crossings, stairs, malls, airports, train stations, schools, residential areas and all indoor-outdoor platforms required to assist pedestrians who are blind and visually impaired epoxy gluing on all smooth surfaces


* rounded edges to prevent stumbling
* TPU material made, non slip
* durable to any natural conditions
* easy cleaning


Additional Product Description

PL 8014

  • Tile size: 30x60 cm, yellow, white or black color
  • 50 (5x10) domes per each  tile 

PL 8016

  • Tile size: 30x60 cm, yellow , white or black color
  • 8(2x4)  parallel lines per each tile 

PL 8018

  • tile size: 58x58 cm, yellow , white or black color
  • 100 (10x10) domes per each  tile 

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