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Caution Yellow Empty
107 A
لوحة تحذير فارغة اصفر

Caution Yellow Empty
Caution Yellow Empty Caution Yellow Empty Caution Yellow Empty Caution Yellow Empty Caution Yellow Empty Caution Yellow Empty
Product technical specifications
Model Name. Caution Yellow Empty
Dimension 245x 620 MM
Material ABS
Weight 0


*Marking hazardous areas.
*Directing foot traffic.
*Indicating areas that require caution.
*Providing instructions for specific areas.
*Versatile and can be used in a variety of settings, such as schools, warehouses, factories, hospitals, and more


*4 cat eyes reflectors.
*Durable, lightweight, and weather-resistant.
*Foldable and stackable design for easy storage and transportation.
*Bright, eye-catching graphics and text for easy readability.
*Equipped with built-in handles for easy moving and repositioning.
*Ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

أربع عيون عاكسه – قابلة للإغلاق – يمكن لصق ستيكر خاص – سهلة الحمل

Certified by

DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 TSEK ( certificate of conformance ) - MADE IN TURKEY

More Description

This Blank Floor Warning Sign has a symmetrical structure that includes a body, hand grip, and feet which can be opened and closed. The body has a rectangular shape with reflective acrylic lenses present on the sides of the handle and the feet. The lenses are arranged in sets of four on each side, making a total of eight. The body is designed to open up to a maximum angle of 40° and is of type A. The hinges of the sign are built into the body, and this sign is crucial in preventing employee injuries on dangerous slippery surfaces or can be used to display necessary warnings. Additionally, the sign can be conveniently folded to a thickness of only 1" for storage or transportation purposes.

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